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Cumberland Nature Trail

Located in the upper Cumberland Valley, the mountain trail was once used by villagers as part of linking to the upper Vermont Valley. The area was popular for the movement of animals, and was a “Mourning” ground for the Spiritual Baptists Religion. The Forestry Department acquired some lands from farmers in the 1960’s and this assisted significantly in maintaining the trail. The reforestation involved the planting of trees like Caribbean Pine and Blue Mahoe. The Cumberland Trail is also one of the habitats for the St. Vincent Parrot (Amazonia Guildingii).


Level: Medium

Duration: Approximately 2.5 miles
At a relatively moderate pace the trail takes approximately 2 hours to complete

Details: Description of Site

The Cumberland Nature Trail is rested in the Cumberland Valley, traversing a variety of Forest Vegetation and Farm lands. At the initial section, the trail runs next to a wooden water pipe transporting water to a hydro-electricity power plant located in the Cumberland Valley. From its head at Grove, the trail winds its way eastwards for 1Km before veering to the south for another km. This 2-Km section of the trail actually mimics the curves and contours of the wooden pipe that conducts water from the Youngman's Valley to three (3) hydro-electricity generating units located at several points along the Cumberland River with the last one sited at lower Cumberland. Hydro-electricity generation and transmission is therefore an interesting element of the trail.

Its biggest attractions are however the rain forest and the opportunity for bird-watching both endemic species and other wildlife. The trail is between one and a half and two hours hiking. The site opens from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm.
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Lookout Point
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