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Union Island’s Mountains & Bays

un_frigateisland_175This coastal hiking adventure takes you all around Union Island, passing over remote mountain ridges and along side secluded bays and white sand beaches, where you can enjoy lovely views and the kind of peace and quiet most people can only dream of.



Duration: 3 to 4 hours.

Details: Hike westwards from Clifton along the main road to Ashton and enjoy nice views of the shallow lagoon and isthmus of Frigate Island.
Stroll through this charming village and along the coast until the road ends in the island’s hilly south west. From here there is a track down to the wonderfully secluded beach at Chatham Bay as well as another that runs along the rocky ridges of Union Island’s volcanic interior. Pass MountTaboi and continue northwards until you arrive at the stretching coastline of Richmond Bay. Follow the road to Belmont Bay and take a look at Belmont Salt Pond.

Continue hiking along the paved road until you arrive back in the heart of Clifton where you can reward your efforts by enjoying great food and refreshments at one of the many bars and restaurants along the waterfront of Clifton Harbour.