St Vincent Dining & Entertainment



St. Vincent has plenty of dining options - from small downtown and village eateries to upscale fine dining restaurants.

Fresh ingredients, whether grown in fields or caught from the sea, are guaranteed. Look out for delicious fish specialities, local lunches and lambi (conch) which is a traditional favourite.

The fishing village of Barrouallie usually holds a fish festival on the first Friday of each month. For connoisseurs there may be an opportunity to sample traditionally prepared ‘black fish’ (pilot whale).

Along the waterfront at Villa there are also several great restaurants.

St. Vincent is not famed for a particularly raucous nightlife though there are always plenty of bars or ‘hole -in-the-wall’ rum shops worth seeking out.

The waterfront at Villa is a good place to look for evening entertainment.





  • Aggie's Restaurant and Bar
  • Basil's Bar and Restaurant
  • Bickles
  • Bobby's Restaurant and Bar
  • Café Soleil
  • Cobblestone Roof Top 
  • Flow Wine Bar & Café
  • Oriental Cuisine
  • Rainbow Palace
  • Rose Mie Theyme (formerly Nice Foods)
  • Subway
  • Time Out Café
  • The Bounty
  • The Sapodilla Room at Grenadines House
  • Vee Jays Restaurant and Bar
  • Willy's
Arnos Vale
  • Pizza Hut/KFC
Fountain/Vigie Highway
  • Chillerz Grill
Indian Bay
  • The Golf Restaurant
  • Surfside Restaurant and Bar


  • Beachcombers Restaurant and Bar
  • French Verandah
  • Grand View Grill
  • Paradise
  • SOV Nightclub, Lounge & Restaurant
  • Villa Lodge Hotel
  • Wilkie's Restaurant at Grand View Beach Hotel
  • X cape Limited

Young Island

  • Young Island Resort

New Montrose

  • New Montrose Restaurant

Ratho Mill

  • Driftwood Restaurant
  • Flowt Beach Bar, Blue Lagoon

  • The Octagon Restaurant & Sports Bar

  • Buccament Bay Resort

Wallilabou Bay

  • Wallilabou Anchorage

  • Cumberland Beach Recreation Park (reservations only)

Fitz Hughes

  • Beachfront Restaurant

Blue Lagoon

  • Lagoon Restaurant and Greenflash Bar


  • Ferdie's Footstep
  • Merlerain Restaurant