Immerse yourself in Bequia’s maritime tradition and discover why it’s the model sailboat capital of the world.

The Bequia Maritime Museum is located on the road from Port Elizabeth to Hamilton. Here you can enjoy an informative guided tour and learn how our Scottish ancestors introduced the art of boat building, as well as how the tradition of whaling began and continues to this day. The museum also contains a selection of intricately fashioned model boats, including detailed replicas of historic vessels.

Located nearby is Sargeant’s Model Boat shop, just one of several in this area, where locally crafted model boats are both on display and for sale.

The ruin of Fort Hamilton is located on the northern end of Admiralty Bay. Essentially a canon battery and look-out, the fort was constructed by the British in the 1700s. Though little of the fortification remains, you can still see cannons as well as enjoy a panoramic view of the bay.

Fort Hamilton