Bequia Shopping & Services


As with the rest of St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Bequia’s currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar though the US Dollar is widely accepted. Banks with ATMs are located in Port Elizabeth. Credit cards are accepted in the majority of hotels, boutiques and restaurants.


Model Boats



In addition to our very special model boat shops, Bequia has a number of craft and souvenir boutiques as well as galleries, artisans’ workshops and local stalls.

The waterfront at Port Elizabeth is a good place to start but you will find workshops and galleries all around the island - look out for them in Spring and Industry, Friendship and along the Belmont Walkway. Paintings, jewelry and pottery are just some of the original pieces you will be able to enjoy and buy.




For foodstuffs, groceries, bathroom essentials, and freshly baked bread, look no further than the family-run stalls, stores and mini marts of Port Elizabeth.

Fruits and vegetables, fish and sea foods, are also available at Port Elizabeth’s market.

And be sure to listen out for conch blowers announcing freshly caught fish and lobsters for sale.

Provisioning & Marine Services

Bequia not only has extremely beautiful natural anchorages, chandleryit also offers comprehensive provisioning services, marine chandleries and professional outfitters. Boat servicing and repairs, outboard engine maintenance, and even fishing tackle supplies are all available here.

Gasoline, ice, laundry, provisions, fresh water, and garbage disposal are offered as a boat-to-boat service in Admiralty Bay.

With a long tradition of sailing, our marine services are world class.


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Shopping in Bequia

Local Crafts

There are many local crafts produced on Bequia, including art, jewelry, gifts and souvenirs. Locally made re-usable shopping bags are great for shopping and carrying your supplies!


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