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SVG Tourism Authority Approved


TourismappovedlogoThe St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Authority has been working assiduously since its inception in 2009 to enhance and develop tourism services that are integral to the development of the sector. To date, five (5) tourism service standards have been developed: Tourist Accommodation Standard, Code of Practice for Tour Guides, Code of Practice for Tour Operators, Code of Practice for Short-Term Vehicle Rentals and Code of Practice for Taxi Operators.

These were developed with the guidance and support of the SVG Bureau of Standards and more importantly with the involvement of the respective service providers.

What does it mean to be tourism approved? Being tourism approved simply means that a tourism service provider is offering a quality service that meets the minimum standards.   

There are three key elements involved in the process of being tourism approved:
1.    The service provider must comply with the guidelines in the minimum standard;
2.    The service provider must undergo the necessary training components;
3.    The service provider must undergo the requisite inspections;

Upon successful completion these elements, the service provider will then be registered and licensed as an approved tourism service provider and will be listed appropriately in all marketing and promotional material of the SVG Tourism Authority.

Approved service providers will also be given a license along with badges or stickers that will bear the approved tourism logo (as seen above).  This license must be to be displayed on their person(s), vehicle(s), vessel(s) or in a conspicuous place in the establishment.

For more information on being ‘Tourism Approved’ please visit the office of the SVG Tourism Authority on the 2nd Floor of the NIS Building or call 784-456-6222.


arrow_grSee List of Approved Tourism Service Providers here (PDF)...

arrow_grSee List of Approved Tourism Service Providers here (PDF)...