SVGTA's E-Newsletter June 2011 Issue #6
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cbean_weekSt.Vincent & the Grenadines was represented at the 2011 Caribbean Week, in New York held June 6th – 10th 2011 by: Glen Beache (Chief Executive Officer, SVGTA); Kathique Haynes (Marketing Officer- North America, SVGTA); Celia Ross (Director of Sales, USA); Eleen Ackie (Asst Director of Sales, USA) and Jennifer Reisford, PR Representative.

During the week of activities, in which most of the thirty-two member countries of the CTO participated, the SVG delegation showcased the destination and participated in several of the events, namely:
•    Workshop for National Tourism Officers (NTO’s).  This workshop dealt with social media.
•    Caribbean Travel and Cultural Fair:  A consumer event which took place in the historic Grand Central Station in Manhattan.  This event drew approximately 5,000 visitors, some of whom came specifically to view the wedding which took place at the fair.  As a sponsor for the flowers at the wedding, SVG got a prime location and interacted with at least 2,000 visitors to the fair.
•    Power Breakfast for Ministers and Commissioners of Tourism:  The CEO attended this event, on behalf of the Minister, who was unable to travel to the US at that time.
•    Caribbean Media Marketplace: This event attracted a number of key media persons; several of whom interviewed the CEO.
•    Caribbean Diaspora Forum:  The CTO Diaspora website was launched at this event.
•    Caribbean Marketing Conference: An educational forum, which dealt with marketing trends with focus on best practices and the importance of social media.


BMexBarbados Manufacturing Exhibition (BMEX) is an annual four-day consumer show, hosted on Whitsuntide Weekend, which features exhibitions of a variety of products and services.  The duration of this year’s exhibition, June 10th -14th, saw thousands of Barbadian consumers passing through the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.

The destination was represented by a contingent of twelve persons including members from the SVG Hotel and Tourism Association; St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Authority; Invest SVG sponsored entrepreneurs from the fashion and food sectors.


UK_journailstsThe St. Vincent & the Grenadines Tourism Authority (SVGTA) in conjunction with Buccament Bay Resorts hosted a press trip from June 5th - 10th. The four journalists from travelmail.co.uk; Handbag.com & Viva Magazine; Manchester Evening News and Men’s Health Magazine were escorted by Maitha Ahmed of fourbgb, SVGTA’s PR Agency for UK & Europe. Their visit included hiking the Vermont Nature Trail, La Soufriere Volcano, and sailing to the Tobago Cays.




The St. Vincent & the Grenadines Tourism Authority (SVGTA) continues on the path of providing training for tourism stakeholders in SVG towards the full implementation of the recently approved national tourism standards.  The Authority has yet again facilitated several tour guide training workshops with the aim of ensuring that all tour guides throughout SVG are professionally trained and certified.

During the month of June, the SVGTA has added a new optional component to tour guide training, suitably named: Marine Safety and Survival.  Recognizing the need to provide training opportunities regarding both land and sea tours safety, the Authority in conjunction with the SVG Coast Guard facilitated a one week training workshop. This training workshop was conducted at the SVG Coast Guard base in Calliaqua from June 20th – 24th, 2011.

marinetraining2loresFacilitated by Chief Petty Officer Franklyn John, Petty Officers Anthony Delplesche and Brangurgan Glasgow, the week was deemed a success by all involved. After previously undergoing the week of mandatory training in the communication and practical skills of tour guiding, seventeen participants from both St. Vincent and Bequia went on to further sharpen their abilities and knowledge to carry out marine tours.  This training provided participants with the knowledge and the practical skills required to ensure passenger safety during a sea-based tour. Over the five day period participants completed courses in: Safety (Lifesaving Device), RTA via Pyrotechnics, Radio & Cell Phone, Communication, Swimming and Lifesaving.

With the recent drowning of two visitors in 2010 and the ever-growing safety concerns of visitors and locals alike, the SVGTA recognizes the need to empower and equip certified marine base tour guides in not just saving  but also in taking the correct measures in water based crises.

marinetrainingrevFurther marine safety training will take place within the next six months as the need arises. Meanwhile, the mandatory tour guide training offered by the SVGTA will be in recess for the entire month of July to early August.  In the meantime, persons interested in becoming tour guides can now register with the Tourism Authority by completing the necessary registration form at the SVGTA’s offices located on the 2nd floor of the National Insurance Services (NIS) complex.



Discover True “Vincy” Experience on the Fly with Integrated QR Code

Just in time for summer travel, eager globetrotters can take advantage of the upgraded St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) mobile app in ways that are more user-friendly and accessible. The app, which was first launched in April 2011 and will be updated on a quarterly basis, now has four versions compatible for the iPhone and iPad via the Apple iTunes Store, as well as the Android and a Web app version for all handheld touch devices such as Blackberry available at www.discoversvg.com., the new SVG app can also be accessed via QR Code (a two-dimensional barcode) with the simple click of a button. Social media sharing is integrated into the app, allowing users to link to their Facebook and Twitter profiles from within the app.

The app features in-depth information on the 32 islands of this fascinating country including stay, play and dine.  It also includes a range of photographs and videos, maps, as well as information on the different experiences these islands offer including sailing, diving, soft adventure, weddings, honeymoons and festivals.

“The SVG mobile app creates an instant way for travelers to get a snapshot of our breathtaking destination and the authentic Caribbean experience,” said Glen Beache, CEO of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Authority. “We are constantly seeking new ways to bring the beauty of SVG to the traveler, and the mobile app is a prime way of doing just that.”

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines mobile app was developed by Spring O’Brien, a New York-based public relations and advertising agency. The QR Code will be featured in SVG’s latest advertisement and in future advertising and promotional programs to increase the number of worldwide users who download the mobile app.

qrcodeSVG_new_tourism_app_July_2k11QR Code Directions:
    Download the QR Code Scanner Pro, a free mobile application that can be downloaded on iPads, Androids, iPhones, and Blackberries. 
    When visiting the App Store, search for “QR” or search for it under “free applications.”
    Enter the application and click the “open scan screens” button. Then, a new screen will appear with a miniature camera image in the center. Align the below SVG QR code in the center of the QR photograph box and click “click to scan.”



appsSt. Vincent & the Grenadines new mobile app is “worth downloading as the summer heats up” in Tech News Daily ‘8 Must Have Apps for the Summer.’




pbsSt. Vincent & the Grenadines was featured in the June issue of  PBS’s TravelScope’s newsletter. SVG’s episode was the first show in the 13-part series aired on June 4th 2011. 

View ‘St. Vincent & the Grenadines - Close to Home, but a World Away’ at:


best_beachesThe Grenadines is listed among the ‘Top 25 Honeymoon Beach Vacations’ website.
See: http://www.best-beaches-top-beaches.com/best-honeymoon-beach-vacation.html


QOB2k11newsletterVINCY MAS

The winners of 2011Vincy Mas competitions are highlighted below. Next year’s Vincy Mas ‘The Hottest Carnival In The Caribbean’ takes place June 29th – July 10th 2012.

 Vincy Mas 2011

Winning Presentations               
Band of the Year

Guinness/Y.De.Lima/Hitz FM 103.7
Blondie Bird and Friends 

 Nature’s Fury

Calypso Best New  Song          
Aurella “Queen B” Beache

Protest Fuh Dat

Calypso Monarch

Maxwell “Tajo” Francis

Memories Of An Addict & Tell Me If  I Am Wrong
Individual of the Band

Guinness/Y.De.Lima/Hitz FM 103.7
Blondie Bird and Friends-
Semone Richardson

Junior Band of the Year

Guinness/Y.De.Lima/Hitz FM 103.7
Blondie Bird and Friends

Nature’s Fury

Junior Best Section

 Guinness/Y.De.Lima/Hitz FM 103.7
Blondie Bird and Friends

Junior Calypso Primary

Kristina “Singing Kristie” Christopher –
Layou Government School

Give We Back We Mind

Junior Calypso Secondary School

Shade Barker –
St. Joseph’s Convent Kingstown

Love The Children

Junior Individuals 5-9

Mirage Productions –
Shilon Robertson
Watermelon Ice

Junior Individuals 10 -15

SVG Players International –
Gabrielle Bailey


Junior King of Carnival

Guinness/Y.De.Lima/Hitz FM 103.7
Blondie Bird and Friends -
Jelani Niles

Junior Pan Fest (Community) Sea Operation Starlift

Picking Cherry - Poorsah

Junior Pan Fest (Schools) Girls High School

Jubilee - Touch

Junior Queen of Carnival
SVG Players International –
Renisha Rose
Alice In Wonderland

Junior Soca Monarch

Ottis “Flipper” Cain –
St. Vincent Grammar School
Laptop Galore

J’Ouvert Paint Band
Country Meet Town
Purple Wave
J’Ouvert Traditional Band
 J’Ouvert Fanatics

Who Dead Bury
Who Mash Up Throw Way
King of the Band

Guinness/Y.De.Lima/Hitz FM 103.7
Blondie Bird and Friends -
Ricardo Adams
Eruption: Out of the Ashes

Mardi Gras –
Best Use of Colour
SVG Players International

At the Movies

Mardi Gras –
Uptown Competition
SVG Players International

At the Movies

Mas on the Move –
Uptown Competition

Digicel/Hitz FM 103.7/
Nelson Bloc Mas Camp

From Our Caribbean Garden

Miss Carival

Miss St. Kitts and Nevis –
Iantavian Queeley

Miss SVG
Aviar Charles – Ms Lotto

Panorama Competition

NLA Sion Hill Euphorium Steel Orchestra

We Come To Get On

Queen of the Band

SVG Players International –
Jenilee Glasgow
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Ragga Soca –
Best New Song
Shernelle “Skarpyon” Williams

She Tell Me

Road March
Godwin “Gao” Oliver
Section from the Bands SVG Players International –
At the Movies
Soca Monarch Delroy “Fireman” Hooper Animal


For more on Vincy Mas see: www.carnivalsvg.com



April_2011_Stats_ChartApril 2011 put in an excellent showing within the context of the visitor arrivals trend in recent months. All visitor categories increased in the month of April 2011 versus 2010 with the exception of same day visitors which, as a percentage of total arrivals, is negligible.

For the month of April 2011 compared to April 2010: stay over visitor arrivals increased by 35%; Yacht visitor arrivals increased by 18.3% and the most significant change was a whopping 88.3% increase in cruise visitor arrivals. After months of declines in the cruise visitor arrivals, it now appears that cruise visitors are returning to the Southern Caribbean and to St. Vincent and the Grenadines!

The year to date comparisons (January – April 2011 vs. January – April 2010) have improved dramatically especially for cruise visitors although as still negative. For the aforementioned period; stay over visitor arrivals are up 3.7%, same day visitors decreased by 16%; yacht visitor arrivals are up 7.4% and cruise visitor arrivals are now down 16.8%.

For more tourism statistics see:


Built in 1806 this fort is 600 feet above sea level. 
What am I called?
The answer will be published in the next issue.

Issue#5  Knowledge Check on Hairouna:
In 1813 this tunnel was built to facilitate communication with the north of mainland St. Vincent.
What am I called?

Answer:  Byera Tunnel
Byera Hill is a town on the east coast of St Vincent, located to the south of Georgetown. In 1813 The Byera Tunnel or "Undermine" was cut through Mt Young to link the northern end of the island with the capital Kingstown.

calendar_of_events_copyST. VINCENT & THE GRENADINES

January  25th – February 8th 2012 
Mustique Blues Festival                   
January 26th – 29th 2012
Bequia Music Festival
February 2012 Primary School Performing Arts Festival
March 2012 National Heroes & Heritage Month
April 2012
April 1st – 9th  2012
April 5th – 9th 2012
Gospel Fest Month
Easterval Union Island
Bequia Easter Regatta
May 24th – 28th 2012
Canouan Regatta
June 29th – July 10th 2012

Vincy Mas

July 14th 2012
July 26th – August 1st 2012
Bequia Fisherman’s Day
Canouan Carnival
August 2012
Emancipation Month 
Breadfruit Festival
September 2012
Dance Festival Month
October 2012
National Independence Celebrations
November 2012
Tourism Month
December 16th – 24th 2012 Nine Mornings Festival

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St. Vincent & the Grenadines new mobile app is “worth downloading as the summer heats up” in Tech News Daily ‘8 Must Have Apps for the Summer.’