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Curator Encourages Locals To Visit The Gardens

Botanic_GardensVincentians are being encouraged to visit and use the Botanical Gardens more frequently in 2017.

The appeal came from Gordon Shallow, Curator of the Gardens.

Shallow noted that the Gardens can be used for a number of purposes and this is catered to by the availability of a number of different packages, at affordable rates.

The Botanical Gardens is the oldest such gardens in the Western Hemisphere. It was commissioned in 1765, and through the centuries has not only been a place of interest to locals but equally to visitors, botanists and horticulturists from across the globe.

The Gardens held its second of what is expected to be an annual ‘Nine Nights of Light-up’ during the 2016 Nine Mornings period. (See story on page 17 of this issue) for members of the public. This is in keeping with the new thrust of attracting increased local use of and visits to the Gardens.

Source of Article:
The Vincentian